Leahpatra Knitwear was started in Los Angeles, CA
by Leah Walton


We have been designing knitwear in Los Angeles, CA since 1984 when we landed a cover story in the LA Weekly and Apparel News.

Leahpatra Knitwear has been seen in such magazines as Harpers Bazarr, Details, and many more.



Leahpatra Knitwear design and production class at Otis College of Art and Design


This knitted drop stitch tank was designed by Leahpatra knitwear collection by Leahpatra.

We have also done consultation and samples for such designers as Roark Collective....

Isabella Fiorre’ Handbags        Blue Tattoo 

Mike & Chris                             Dress to Kill

Karanina                                   Louise Green

Vince Inc.                                  Skingraft

Deborah Linquist                       Martin Martin

Movie Credits:

Starskey and Hutch                 Kodak

Leatherheads                          Time Warner

Clueless                                   Eight Millimeter

Biork Video                              Jammie Fox

Customer Samples Below


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